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This wheelset has been designed and handbuilt to perform on the trail or be competitive in your Enduro races. We have taken all our experience and testing results to put together a wheelset that's fast and tough.

We handbuild all our wheelsets for the UK and European market. Built here in the UK this wheelset will benefit from the hands-on approach of our experienced builder. A wheel builder who has been building high-quality performance wheels for decades. From trail riders to World Cup DH champions.

Rear 148x12 Front 110x15. These hubs are made for us by Bitex in Taiwan. These hubs are the best quality and most durable we have tested, Bitex has a strong reputation in the industry for reliability. We also carry replacement freehub bodies and bearings for every model. 

Convex spoke bed: By creating the spoke bed this way and drilling the rim to support it we are able to achieve 65% lower stresses at the spoke nipple.

Moment of inertia: These rims being low profile will reduce the translational moment of inertia in simple terms the flywheel effect. This improves suspension response, acceleration, braking and cornering.

Deep and wide tyre well for easy mounting of tubeless tyres. 

Hookless rim, why hookless you might ask? Pacenti has always had its eyes fixed on the future, as stated in several independent articles in the cycling press: "What the bead hook doesn’t do is to prevent the tyre from blowing off the rim or keep tubeless tyres from burping". The bead lock and tyre construction are actually the main factors, our bead lock is secure and therefore we don't suffer burping even at lower pressures. We predict that bead hooks will all but disappear in the future. 

The rim material selection

We are using a high quality 6069 T9 alloy for our MTB rim range. Selection is one thing, quality is another. We test all the alloys we use in production to determine their quality. The T9 process improves the strength and durability over T6 it is more expensive. However, the resulting rim easily justifies the extra cost. 

The proof as always is in the riding and our test team have been waxing lyrical about these rims for months. 

The goal was to produce a modern MTB rim that can be both light and durable these rims are not the easiest to build or manufacture however that is exactly why the ride so darn well.

Manufactured in Taiwan, Designed in the USA.

Other Hub configurations are available and custom builds on request.


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אלומיניום מרותך
אלומיניום 6069 T9
1625G +/- 15G
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תואם שימנו 11/12 /סראם XD/XDR
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